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Celebrating Our Wonderful Pets Ceremony


Here is an edited version of the Ceremony we performed as part of the first, "Celebrating Our Wonderful Pets' picnic and fundraiser. it was a great day. Some words and images of the Memory Tree for you. We are hoping to do this yearly.  Victoria 

Ceremonycreated at: 03 03 11created at: 03 03 11

Hello everyone and thank you for coming today to the inaugural ‘Our Wonderful Pets picnic and fundraiser. We have come to the time on our day of picnicking, of celebration, of amazing tricks and agility from the wonderdogs, and of giving to, pause for a moment and to focus on the fact that amongst all else, we are here to bring our thoughts and our love to those pets, animals and livestock who lost their lives our recent storms and floods. To pay tribute to what our animal familiars offer us and with whom we share this planet. Part of the responsibility of our humanness is to give voice to the loss of their lives in our recent disasters, and indeed, to spare a thought for all those animals who have lost their lives in similar disasters across the globe. We are, more than ever, living in a time of uncertainty and change. How we respond to this defines us in our humanity. 

And so, I thank you for giving generously of your time and your resources today to contribute to the rebuilding of families and communities by responding to the needs of our animals who rely on us for their voice.

And I also thank you for taking the time to come and remember your pets, for contributing to the memory tree with photos and notes to our companions who have graced our lives.

All of us here know the bond that we share with our animals is one of the most unconditional and enduring ones of our lives. Their presence in our lives brings us so much joy, fun and a sense of completion and cohesion for our families and our lives. The responsibility we have towards them, especially in times of crisis ,is one we feel keenly. 

In natural disasters, hard and fast choices need to be made. Some of these choices are heartbreaking, some of them impossible. in the coming months and years, the full cost of the floods- both financial and emotional -will become apparent. For children their pets can be the symbol of all that is good, safe and secure in their lives. Their absence in the aftermath of the storms brings home to them just how much their lives have been affected.

So in our ceremony, we remember and acknowledge the sad, painful and impossible choices so many had to make of not being able to bring their animals, pets, livestock to safety. And what this means to the lives and livelihoods of so many people.

We also honor the stories of community spirit, of resilience and survival, all those animals who have stayed around their homes and were there, against all odds, when their owners returned. 

We celebrate the animals whose lives continue and all those who rescued, saved and supported our animal companions in the days immediately following the disasters. We come together to celebrate stories of survival, of bravery and of sheer humanity, of which there were so many. And in coming together we lay the foundation for individuals and communities to move beyond survival and to thrive. To use our voices to speak for those who offer so much to our lives.

And so, as we come to the completion of our ceremony, but not our time here, id like to give voice once more to all our animals offer to us in our lives and to pledge in their name that we will continue to care for them and safeguard their wellbeing in life threatening and unexpected circumstances. That we will continue to advocate for, care and respect the sanctity of their lives alongside our own. And we will do for them what they always do for us. We will stand by them and, make our world one for all creatures to live in with equity and grace.

created at: 03 03 11created at: 03 03 11



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    • thefathobbits
      thefathobbits     Posted on Aug 30, 2011

      this is such a good idea, will you be having another one in 2011?

    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Mar 06, 2011

      There are lots more photos posted on my FB page  xxx


    • DaisysMum
      DaisysMum     Posted on Mar 06, 2011

      I was so disappointed I wasn't able to make the picnic but my thoughts were very much with you all.  Thank you so much for pinning a pic of my Daisy Girl on the memory tree.  I felt sad and happy all at the same time to see it there. I can't tell you how much it meant to my family and I to see her pic there.  The ceremony sounded like such a beautiful and moving one - thank you.  

    • katiert
      katiert     Posted on Mar 04, 2011

      Just Lovely. 

    • bunnysparkle
      bunnysparkle     Posted on Mar 04, 2011

      What a lovely ceremony!

    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Mar 03, 2011

      The pics went all the way around the tree and we tried to include everyone that had sent pics- you can see more photos at my FB page Picnic Album 


    • Natts
      Natts     Posted on Mar 03, 2011

      Grazee the pics went all around the tree. I could see one of my dogs pics but not the other, but I have no doubt he was there.

      It sounds like it was a beautiful ceremony. Wish I could of been there.

    • Grayzee
      Grayzee     Posted on Mar 03, 2011

      Was looking for my Rusty pic on the tree..not there!..guess she wasn't important enough for yous.oh sha got her own tree!..with Bluey and Terror!

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