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Animals have been a huge part of my life, i grew up in a big family surrounded by dogs, cats, fish, mice, guinea pigs, birds and most of the neighbourhood pets would wander in too. My dad had a way with animals that I loved- so respectful and gentle.I love their personalities and characters and the quality of the relationships they offer us.

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  • Alicia
    Alicia   Posted on Jan 31, 2012

    Thank you for your note about my little Kasper. I'm so sorry that I haven't replied before now. I think it takes someone who's had a deaf cat to understand just how incredibly special they are. 

    They have such big personalities, and are so incredibly sweet.

    Your tribute is wonderful. I held my little one when he went too. How could I not? I wish he had been able to be at home, but he wasn't able to survive off the oxygen.

    Like you, I have his ashes. I talk to him. Crazy as it sounds, I say good morning and good night. I put him at the bedroom window on a rainy day because he loved water. He was so excited by it. 

    I look at the tributes from people here, and I wonder how on earth there are people who don't understand that animals are on this earth for us to love. That they can be our very best friends. 


  • Szee989
    Szee989   Posted on May 30, 2011

    Your tribute just traveled about in every corner of my is written so beautifully with the soul of your beloved kitty and the soul of you so perfectly intertwined.  I literally felt the love between you.  It makes me feel hopeful think that one day this will all be somehow less painful and will become easier to remember and smile and find some peace.  It is just 3 months...I know I have a ways to go...and honestly, sometimes don't think it will ever get easier...even though I can now go out and fool the passers by with my smile and my duty bound life.  They don't know my dearest friend, companion, baby has left me so lost.

    I thank you for sharing your story.  I feel like it reached somewhere in me that hasn't been touched as of yet.  I am so glad you had your time with Steamtrain...and that the love and care between you existed.  With so many sad stories about the way so many of our precious animals live and are treated, you must know yours was a fairy tale come true...and be ever grateful for the gift.

    Blessings, Susanne

  • katrina
    katrina   Posted on Feb 15, 2011

    Thanks for all you wonderful supportxxxx

  • tamsha
    tamsha   Posted on Jan 19, 2011

    Hi Victoria,

    Sorry it's taken so long to write this.  I wanted to thank you for your beautiful comments on Amba's tribute, it helps to know that people like yourself have taken the time to read about and appreciate my special girl.  It's been over a month and a half now since we lost Amba and I'm still crying every day, but I can smile about her now aswell.  Life without her is very difficult and empty, but now we are planning our overseas working trip to volunteer at animal sanctuaries that need help - in Amba's honour.

  • Nica73
    Nica73   Posted on Jan 09, 2011

    Hi there,  I just wanted to thank you so much for your kind words about our Soho.  It meant so much to us to get your message, particuarly on Christmas Eve.  And it was lovely to read about your Steamtrain - what a character.  Happily, the new year has brought a new little cat into our lives - a stray from the RSPCA, who we've called Charlie.  He's a delight.  Thanks again for your kindness :)

  • Judes1974
    Judes1974   Posted on Nov 30, 2010

    Wow! What a beautiful and succinct story.  This didn't make me burst into tears as so many other tributes did; it merely made me sad and almost realistic if that makes sense.  The way you wrote it was just beautiful. I especially loved the connection of your fur baby and your human baby. So many people completely ditch their fur baby when they have a human one. So nice to see there are still people in this world who are kind and good. And in the Inner West too! Where else!? (I left my heart in Newtown after I moved from there nearly 3 years ago).

    I hope you and Honey are doing ok and perhaps are looking forward to your next fur addition to the family.  :)

  • francisca
    francisca   Posted on Oct 21, 2010

    Thank you for the support and the advice on how to try and cope with the days ahead.  Your kind words mean a lot and some days are better then others.  The past week seems to have been one of the worst but I will do as you say and take those big breaths. 

    I do not want to grieve for Zsa Zsa before she has left us so am trying to stay strong.

    Thank you again.  Francisca

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