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Charlie Bear

NOVEMBER 2009 - JULY 2018
Nicknames: Chuckwit
Age: 8
Pet Type: staffly cross maltese terrier
Lived: our house, his yard
Author: pepperjack
Favourite Things

ball and his ball throwing machine aND HIS SOFT TOY "SHAKE IT"

Best Qualities


Oh Charlie Bear, here I am writing a tribute to you two and a half years after we had you put to sleep, i think of you every passing day.

I remember when i saw your photo on the local pound website and wanted YOU! how I was so dissapointed when they told be you had already been adopted... then 3 weeks later your picture reappeared on the website, you were deemed too boistrous after 1 week with your new family and returned to the shelter.. this time YOU were coming home with ME!!  you were only 2 years old!  bUT WITH A WARNING :  Charlie is not to go to a home with children... thats fine , none at my house anyway :)) 

I soon discovered you had a stubborn streak and would challenge me if you were asked to do something you didnt like, you would get under the bed and only come out on YOUR terms, and when my infant grandchildren visited you would start to tremble uncontrollably and snarl at them should they even look at you....something terrible must have happened in your short life involving children.. you were terrified even if you heard a child cry on the TV.. . as the years went by we managed your fears and until your were around 6 years old and we moved house, and your behavoiur esculated.. your aggression got worse when anyone came to our front door, and even if i entered the lounge room , you would fly off the lounge like you were to attack me and i was a stranger, you were totally we had you over to the university vets for all sorts of tests to see if maybe pain was causing you an issue and get advice from their behaviourist... we tryed you on different meds to keep you calm .. but then all you wanted to do was sit under the dressing table in my bedroom and tremble... then we moved again...poor Charlie.... we had no idea that our next move most likely contributed to his mental health declining, the vets had put him on Prozac which seemed to make a difference .. for about 6 months.. then  things started to change and the unprediticable behaviour resufaced on ly worse this time...until one morning when I was playing ball with you, then your eyes turned to saucers and you seemed to not recognise me .. lunging and biting at me , 1st my ankles then my thigh and trying to jump up at me with teeth barred and snapping...this time Charlie really was not letting up... it was scary...and that was the last straw , my husband loved Charlie dearly but we then decided he needs to be at peace, it broke both our hearts to pieces, to make that decision, but it was incredibly difficult to live with Charlies unpredictable behaviours and i was becoming very on edge being around him.. rehomimg was not even an option..he was dangerous when he had an episode. Charlie it seemed had developed a second personality, he was so cuddly and sweet and happy and loving and then in the blink of eye he would become aggressive and nasty. maybe dogie BiPolar??

Charlie was put to sleep at 8 years old, he was a much loved member of our family and enjoyed his walks and swims in the pool with us , and having the run of the house when he wanted and he loved our other dog missy( whom also became quite frightened of his behaviour) he did have a nice life with us and wanted for nothing other than peace of mind...we were only talking about Charlie the other night and my husband admitted to me it was the worse thing he has ever had to do in his life to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep... we now have Charlies remains in an ern on our cupboard and he will be with me once more in my arms in my coffin when I pass away.. and  hopefully in some sort of afterlife... we love you and miss you Charlie Bear xx

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