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My Darling Angel

23rd-March-2013 - 02-September-2014
Nicknames: Bean
Age: 1
Pet Type: Cat
Author: Larni
Favourite Things

Loved Her Bikkies, Loved her circle, Loved her Basket and her windowsill. sunshine and cuddles

Best Qualities

her cheeky little attitude, her big purrs, her Love and Loyalty


My darling little angel, you were sent from above to bring me happiness durring the hard times of my life.

you were a little soldier, Born with a servere disfigured front left leg, blind in one eye, a heart murmer, and all the other problems you faced you never any of that stop you from doing anything.

from jumping up on the table and knocking things over to chasing your brother around the house you did it all.

Mummy is sorry that i had to say goodbye. i will always love you my special little girl.

i will miss you forever my beany-bum



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