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Milly-The Quiet Achiever

11/1999 - 29/07/2009
Nicknames: Milly- Moo, Moo-Moo, Princess Milly
Age: 9
Pet Type: Burmilla cat
Lived: Sydney
Author: katrina
Favourite Things

Toby,watching things that flutter, sitting on the newspaper when you want to read it and moving socks around the house

Best Qualities

Affectionate, gentle and playful

My dear sweet Milly- when you came into my life, you had huge footsteps to follow. Your ‘big brother’ was Toby The Wonderdog- the ultimate performer and centre of attention. You took it in your stride and didn’t seem to mind being thrust into a media life from the very start. In fact, you were the quiet achiever with a very impressive media career- many televisions segments, commercials and photo shoots under your belt.  You even had a book deal and PR tour.

My most memorable media moment with you was when we filmed your rather delicate moment of giving birth to your three precious kittens. You were such a lady and a great mum.  Thank you for such warm and beautiful memories

Behind closed doors you were definitely the naughty one- always stealing Toby’s bed, breaking into bags of food,  making me miss planes by hiding in cupboards, stealing socks and hiding them and finding ingenious ways to open windows ( with the help of Toby). I swear you used to frame him.  

Along with Toby, we were a team and I miss you guys so much. I have fond memories of being pregnant and you were a little purring machine, cuddling up to my growing belly. I know you could sense a little life inside me and perhaps that is why Charlotte just adored you from the day she was born- you had already bonded.

You were the first thing Charlotte smiled at and your name was one of her first words (‘moo-moo’). What a special gift you gave her. She still asks for you constantly, has written you countless letters and wants me to find a plane ‘with a pussy cat seat and a dog seat’ to bring you and Toby back from heaven’.  How I wish I could see the two of you jetting back home.

RIIP precious girl and look after Toby- just as you have always done. Always in my heart xx

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