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The Bridge at Heavens Door

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The Bridge at Heavens Door


The Bridge at Heavens Door




There might be snow upon my face,


And my walk isn’t as quick anymore,


My joints may click just a little,


And our walks take longer than before,


But my heart still burns with Fire,


That was lit when we first met,


With Love for you, my human friend,


When our partnership was set.




I’m happy just to be by you,


While you go about your day,


My heart is glad and I smile my smile,


When your face is turned my way.


Your hand upon my snowy head,


Gently soothes my soul,


Your voice is music to my ears,


Your smile worth more than gold.




Please love me, my friend,


As I’ve loved you. Love as bright as the Sun,


One day that love will be all I need,


When we two, again, becomes one.


Your words will form the path I take ,


To the Bridge at Heavens Door,


Where I wait, with love, my human friend,


To again be together, evermore.






Trevor Algeo

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    Author tellgio Member since Jan 04, 2011

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