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  • THE END OF LIFE: Sudden Death

    Nothing can prepare us for a sudden death of our pet. In this instance, it is what you do in the immediate hours and days following the death that will best support you. Attending to...

  • THE END OF LIFE: What to say....

    Everyone responds differently to death and loss. If you have to tell others who love the pet, such as family and friends, choose your words and your time well. Do it face to face if...

  • CHILDREN AND PET LOSS: Helping children with the death of their Pets

    Often times the death of a pet is a child’s first experience with loss. It can be a critical time to give your child a language to speak about death and ways of expressing their...

  • CHILDREN AND PET LOSS: Kids and Ceremony

    The death of our pets is fast becoming recognised as a significant loss and that the grief and bereavement that follows is a deep and complex process. There is no ‘one size fits all’ response...

  • CHILDREN AND PET LOSS: Children and grief- different ages

    Grief is a real and complex emotion that children experience at times of loss and change. The death of a pet is a significant experience for most children.This guide may provide some general understandings and...

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