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I am from Italy but I have been living in Australia for two years now. I got Matilda three weeks after I moved to Melbourne and she was "my home away from home". Losing her at 2 years old, because of a tumor, is almost unbearable.

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Silvia's Wall

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  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Oct 19, 2011

    Hi Silvia, thanks for your message. I haven't been able to answer earlier as I've been overseas for 3 weeks. I visited an animal sanctuary in Utah, USA and did some volunteer work with the cats, it was life changing. You should google Best Friends Animal Sanctuary....wonderful place. My vet called me before I left to tell me that a black pregnant cat had been dumped on their doorstep and did I want one of her kittens. She looks the spitting image of Matilda, its uncanny. The pain of losing Tilly is overwhelming but when my husband saw Nina (mum cat) he wanted her plus one of her kittens. She stared at him with those pleading gold eyes, he just couldn't resist. I think we will adopt them both, but I feel like I'm betraying Tilly's love. Its all still so raw. I want my girl back desperately as I know you do too. However the thought of them both playing together at Rainbow Bridge is comforting.

    Take care


  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Sep 06, 2011

    Hello Silvia

    I was so sorry to hear of Matilda's passing. I too have just lost the most beautiful soul in my life and her name was also Matilda, but I called her Tilly. I was lucky to have had Tilly in my life for nearly 19 years but the pain is still so awful. I wonder how I can go through life without my baby. I wish I could post a photo of my angel online (I have left a tribute to her) but I can't do it. I sending loving wishes and hugs to you as I know what you are going through.

    Best wishes


  • petshopgirl26
    petshopgirl26   Posted on Jul 19, 2011

    Hi Silvia thanks so very much for your lovely message I really appreciate it very much, im still very sad, I have my boy Beau back with me as of yesterday which was very hard but we are not together at home and I am grateful for that.  Its lovely of you to think of me at this time.  Im also so very sorry for the loss of your beautifuly kitty and yes so very young im so sorry for you also they mean the world to us and are our children and we love them so very much, and would do anything for them all.  They break our hearts dont they.  Please take care and thanks so much again for your lovely message Carolyn xxx

  • loopylol
    loopylol   Posted on Jul 06, 2011

    Dear Silvia, thanks so much for your kind message and thoughtful words. I am taking my time with all of this, which is helping me each day.

    Your beautiful cat, Matilda, looks so gorgeous in the pictures you have posted. I too am so sorry for your loss. Matilda was so young and clearly such an important and precious part of your life. I love that Matilda decided where she wanted to sleep, and that it was something you'd never regret. In our home, we always slept together in the same room as a family and I always found that so special and comforting.

    My thoughts are with you as you navigate the traumatic grieving process. Take comfort in the people around you who understand what you are going through and support you in this awful time.

  • julia
    julia   Posted on Jul 04, 2011

    I truly believe this.... she hasnt really gone - your sweet Matilda is right beside you.. and will be forever..... x

  • katiert
    katiert   Posted on Jul 02, 2011

    Dear Silvia,

    I am very sorry for your loss.  Beautiful Matilda is resting peacefully and right beside you as she always was.  Take care Katie

  • katrina
    katrina   Posted on Jul 01, 2011

    Hi Silvia, Thanks for your lovely message. I am glad that this site is somehow comforting through this really difficult time....I know how hard it is and it is just do hard to adjust to life without our furry friends by our side.

    If you are on Facebook you may enjoy/get comfort from my page - we have a wonderful community of pet lovers- many of whom have found the page after losing a beloved pet. We laugh, we cry and we celebrate pets xx



  • katrina
    katrina   Posted on Jul 01, 2011

    I am so sorry for your loss. What a precious girl Matilda was and I hope that one day you will be able to smile at all the wonderful memories she has left you.

    THoughts are with you xx

  • LeanneG
    LeanneG   Posted on Jun 29, 2011

    I am so sorry Sylvia to hear about the loss of your Matilda. I do understand the pain you are feeling. It has been 6 weeks for me and the pain is still there but I am able to function better. The nights were the worst. And many people don't understand the grief is as bad as grieving for a person. You will get stronger. The pain we bear is what we can now do for them. It is their love for us. I take this pain as a gesture of my love for my little Kipper and I will bear it for her. I can accept the loss of my dog Spot as she was elderly but when they are so young it doesn't make sense. Please know that there are people around that understand and care.


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  • Little_mati_thumb Tribute to Matilda
    Posted on Jun 29, 2011

    Dear Mati, from the moment I took you home for the first time, you meant the world to me. I...

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