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My name is Katrina, I live in Orange NSW, I love animals and cannot imagine my life without an animal in it, as a child living in a home with domestic violence, it was always an animal I could turn to too be there to feel safe and secure. At this moment I feel lost as I have lost the best friend I have ever had.

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Piney's Wall

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  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Aug 17, 2012

    Hi Katrina....just wanted to let you know that I did find a plant called "Miss Tilly Blue" also called the Chinese Bell flower and its favourite colour. I've rung a few nurseries but it seems its a summer plant so it won't be in stock for a few months, but I will definitely buy it then. Thank you so much for putting that idea into my head, it was a lovely thought. Tonight is the night Tilly wearing her locket. Take care xoxoxo

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Apr 23, 2012

    Hi Katrina...been awhile since we last communicated and I was just wondering how you are and if you have a new addition in your household? Things are ok here with our new furries, but still not happy families with our old cat. Hope you are well, Robbie

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Feb 09, 2012

    Katrina...just read your other tribute to Maggie May. Did you lose another pet??? I'm so so sorry.... Robbie

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Feb 09, 2012

    Hi Katrina...Just wanted you to know that I finally received my pendant with Tilly's fur in it. I cried and cried when I held it, its so beautiful. I'm wearing it now and as you said, I feel I have Tilly close to my heart...forever more. Even with the new additions, I miss Tilly dreadfully as I'm sure you do still with Pebbles. How did you go at Christmas? Hope you are doing ok.

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Nov 25, 2011

    Thanks Katrina. The new additions are lovely and will always be loved in our home, but like you I just can't stop thinking about my little girl. My heart feels like its in a vice whenever I do. She was so so special. Please take care, chat soon. Robbie x

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Nov 23, 2011

    Hi Katrina, I just wanted to let you know that we've had Nina and Pixie (our two new black furry additions) at home with us for about 3 weeks now. They are gorgeous and I love them both. They are still a bit nervous but are opening up to me a lot as I'm home all day and the get lots of kisses and cuddles. Pixie is on my lap as I type this. Our other cat Holly though is very jealous and is very vicious with us when we try and pick her up. She's turned quite feral (even though she always had that streak in her). We are a bit worried about Holly as she obviously feels her home has been invaded. I hope it settles down. I miss Tilly terribly still..I guess the pain will never really go away. By the way I never found Tilly's fur in the envelope but I did send some over to Ted that I found on Alan's jumper and he's doing the pendant for me. Thanks again for letting me know about that...Ted is wonderful. I sent him over some Tim Tams to say thanks plus some little mice for his three elderly cats. He's a very caring, lovely man. Hope you are ok.

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Katrina, I found an old jumper of Alan's that Tilly used to sleep on and managed to get some fur off that. I can't find the envelope I'm afraid. I have asked Ted to see if he can engrave Tilly's name on the locket. Have been sobbing all day...I hope this pain eases soon. How're you doing?

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Oct 24, 2011

    Please don't feel bad Katrina, you did a wonderful thing by telling me about the locket. Alan said he didn't use the envelope so I'm so confused what happened to the envelope. I did use some before we went on holiday, so maybe I used it and didn't check. I have emailed Ted (the locket man) to tell him I can't find the fur and he, like you, has said maybe I could find some fur in the house or use part of her bed. The problem is that when Tilly died I was so heartbroken that I asked Alan to throw out everything of hers, her bed, blanket and even my dressing gown she used to sleep on. Because she died in August, there is no fur now in the house either. I will keep looking for the envelope but don't feel confident I will find it x

  • piney
    piney   Posted on Oct 24, 2011

    Dear Robbie, I hope that is not the case maybe it is just not where you think you left it, surely if your husband went to use an envelope he would of noticed that it had fur in it, not all is lost though, you would still have things where Tilly sat on buy a clean clothes brush and use it to wipe along the bed or special blanket etc, you will be surprised what will come up, it will still be your girls fur that you can put in your beautiful locket, there is hope somewhere, I am so sorry that in a way I have made you sad again, but I am sure there is some of Tillys fur around somewhere, I hope all works out

  • Robbie
    Robbie   Posted on Oct 23, 2011

    Oh Katrina, I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, my heart is broken all over again. I went into ebay and bought that beautiful locket. When I went to look for the envelope with Tilly's fur in it, its not there. I think my husband must've used the envelope. I just want to die. That was all I had left of Tilly and it meant the world to me. I've lost her all over again and I just want to die.

Piney's Tributes

  • Pebbles_under_blanket_cropped_thumb My Best Friend
    Posted on Aug 25, 2011

    Dear Pebs My darling baby girl, your sudden death has left a hole in my heart that I am sure...

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