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I have just recently had to have our lovely great dane put to sleep as she developed cancer and lost over 13 kilos in 3 weeks . Our experience was shocking with the Canberra vets we used. It started about 4 years with a tumour on her tail the vet did not do a skin graft but tried to stitch it and it went gangreness we nursed her through this to be rewarded with a (so we thought )healthy girl. Then about 6 wks ago we noticed her coughing and went to the vet they gave us antibiotics eventhough I asked for ultrasounds and x-rays of course she did not get better but went down and until I went mad and forced this vet to give her a x-ray etc they still wanted to give more drugs I put my foot down and we found she had multiple cancers all through her system hence the cough and not wanting to eat. To top it off the Vet who we went to in Bowral NSW was shocking insisting on another x-ray when he had phoned the Canberra vet (more money of course) he then had the gall to stand with the needle in his hand and say to us who were in trauma "you have to go and pay before I will inject her" Shocking shame on these vets it has become a factory now with no caring at all. My day before Lillies death was wonderful we lay on the bed watching a film and then she went for a walk and lay in the back of her beloved car with all of the black cockies singing for her. We will love her forever and miss her . This site is great It is fantastic to see other people who love their animals . Juliexxx

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    Author Lilly Member since Sep 18, 2012


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    • lovingmother
      lovingmother     Posted on Sep 19, 2012

      I would like to say that I never met Lilly but loved her anyway, hearing all about her and seeing what a lovely dog she was.  I know that from an awful life she came to a very loving home and her life was transformed from then on. That is some comfort to my daughter and son in law that they have treasured memories of her. 

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