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Lost both my pups within 5 weeks of each other...


I recently had to euthanise both my pups- first 26th April 2012 and the next 31st May 2012...

Murphy was 18.3 years old and it was just his time. Loyal to the end, he never would have given up and I believe would still be alive today. He would be trying so hard to navigate around our house to be as close to me as possible. It was the hardest decision to make, in fact I cancelled our vet twice before we finally set and stuck to the date. I raised Murphy from 5 weeks old and along with my loving partner Ben, we enjoyed his loyalty, tenacity, energy and independance. He was a gentle-natured yet strong willed, intelligent gentleman who loved a tricky game to test his skills and who loved to be challenged. His youth was spent chasing anything anyone could be bothered to throw for him- ball, stick, twig....didn't matter- he would get it and wait for more. The more the challenge, the more he enjoyed it.

Murphy was always independant in spirit, but a rock for me in any time of need. Our bond was strong & I miss him terribly.

Our other adopted pup, Dougie, was a gift to us. We raised him from 5 years old and watched him grow into the worlds biggest lap dog. He was about to turn 15 years old. His passing was unexpected. He had recently had surgery to repair a tumour in his leg and this was healing well. He presented with a cough that turned out to be cancer. I had 48 hours from no symptoms to having to  euthanise him. My partner was away at the time and I did not get to tell him for 9 days that our remaining companion had passed.

Originally from New Zealand, Dougie loved to chase possums (of course). we managed to channel this into an intense love of squeaky toys. He would try to remove the squeak within 2 minutes- mostly successful. Dougie, was also tremendously loyal of us both and particularly to me. In later years, his favourite pastime was finding the most comfortable lounge/seat/lap to rest on.

His last days were spent in very loving, close contact with me and I know he was happy.

Our house is so quiet now and I cannot stop thinking about them. When we lost Murphy, I felt I could come to terms with our decision and the fact he was in a better place where he can run pain-free.

Since losing Dougie ( & this decison had to be made within 48 hours as he presented with a previously unknown cancer in his lungs), I feel totally lost.

Everything reminds me of them and I ma finding myself upset freqeuently.

We runa business out of our house and I guess this is making it worse, as not only am I here alone now, but I also had the fortunate pleasure of spedning each day in close contact with our pups and that contact is totally gone now.

does anyone have any thoughts on how to try and get over the little things that keep reminding you of your lost pups?

I know that my feelings will get more rational as time goes on, but it's a struggle now.


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    • joeker1
      joeker1     Posted on Sep 15, 2012

      Hi KristenJae.

      I lost my boxer Maxi last week. He too had cancer. I found I had to throw away all his toys and winter coats, blankets and all reminders. I was devastated the first two days. Waking to find his toys, and things, and now I find (as well as taiking about him through this site) it is a little easier each day. He was in pain, and is now better off, as are your doggies. I realise, being on your own, and losing two in such a short space, must be a tremendous burden on you. For that I don't know a cure, but I think you will have to lose all the mementos  as hard as it may be.


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