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Our beautiful dog Zoe

Hi all, am feeling a little low today, we had to put down our beloved maltese silky cross on Sunday.She was 15, all was good up until a couple of weeks ago,then fell very sick, she was diagnosed with renal faulure.On Sunday she was vomiting, and very unwell,we made the descision to have our vet put her down.We were there till the last second,my wife was cradling her until she was gone.I just hope we made the right decision,it is constantly on my mind,we miss her terribly.

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    Author kevy02 Member since Jan 17, 2012

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    • lynneth
      lynneth     Posted on Jan 29, 2012

      Hi there i have just joined and i had to put my 16 yr old dog Jess down on Monday, I had been struggling with the decision for the past week prior as Jess's mobility was deteriorating due to arthritis. Jess was medicated but about two weeks ago she was struggling with her back legs. she came good for a few days but we made an appointment with our vet to have her assessed. on monday morning the day ogf the appointment she like your dog was not well. we all went to the vet and like you we made the decision to put her down, it was gut wrenching for us all but in the end her quality of life was the most important thing. I share your feelings of guilt and great loss. They are both free to run now without pain. 

      Bless them

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