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Our dog, Ten

The monday before christmas, we took our 1 yr and 3 mos old golden retriever, ten, in to the vet for a routine spay procedure. we brought her home the same day, the vet thinking she d do better at home..she was groggy, and lay on a blanket on our front rm refusing food or water, finally she drank, but vomited a great deal and had accidents inside which never happened before..I called the vet, alarmed, but he said to take away her water , feed her cottage cheese which she refused..she lay constantly and not interested in much but her eyes followed me all over I knew something was wrong, she then went to her crate,for the nite, she woke us up at 4 am yelping and moaning , I called the vet, he d meet us in 40 mins,, by the time we loaded her into the van, she died..she wasnt able to walk..he tested her blood and said she had an auto imune disease like aids in dogs..she was vibrant , healthy and active and at 65 lbs was I dont know if I believe him or he was covering up for himself...anyway, she was so precious to us, beautiful, behaved, fun and loved to play with her squeeky ducky toy, and chew on her bone, tugged at her rope toy, was just sheer absolute joy. Can;t believe her life was so short, yet Im glad I was a part of it, she was going to be my service dog and so smart, caught on right away. She had belonged to my daughter and she gave ten to us because of the baby coming and she thought she couldnt give ten the kind of attention she needed. Ten was golden with white in color, soulful brown eyes and that golden retriver grin...I have looked at golden retriever rescues, and havent had the nerve to call as yet, the thought of replacing her is too hard. we miss HER. Puppies I have looked up are too expensive..and we would like another golden someday but right now our hearts are so broken..this tribute is for you, ten, our doggy angel , frolics at the rainbow bridge...hugs and kisses

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    Author kathy Member since Dec 31, 2011

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