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Georgia was a blenheim Cavelier King Charles Spaniel. She was 2yrs old when one day in 2001 mum decided we needed another dog to keep Misty (a shih tzu x) company. She has always been so cute, her ears were what defined her.


She'd always be there waiting at the gate and yap straight away if we didnt get in the door immediately lol. We'd go to unlock the door, put our bags in our room and then walk down the stairs and there she would be waiting by the glass sliding door to see where we were. We'd walk to the laundry door to let her in, and she'd run so fast to get in onto the bed so that she could sleep lol. She'd greet us with a great big waggy tail and would love a good rub behind the ears.


I taught her a cute 'trick' that I'd give her a good rub under the chin, with my fingers or the brush, and she loved it and then would 'snoozh' (sneeze), adn sometimes Id give her a quick pat and tell her to snoozh and she would.

she loved her food heaps and walks. Loved being the centre of attention. Everytime someone came to visit, she wouldnt bark at them, she'd wonder up and rub her nose against their legs and demand a pat. Misty meanwhile would be defending the roost, thinking that she was a big dog lol.


We'd always say that poem to her, georgia porgia pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry......and thats all i can think of at the moment.


Her coat was always lovely, and I loved her feathers on her feet and legs. And soft. We recently sent them to the groomers and her coat was still ever so soft.

She started getting slower in the legs and would hesitate going for walks, and we'd have to drag her along which I hated coz it was so mean to her. Her eyes started getting dry and yucky. She started air scratching, and if you patted/rubbed her on the right side she'd start airscratching which i feel drove her nuts. That was what Id always thought would be the reason we'd have to put her to sleep.

Then on friday night she kept yapping and wouldnt settle. I got frustrated with the poor thing. She eventually did, but i noticed her breathing was a bit louder than normal for her, and kinda restricted. I thought it was coz she just worked herself up a bit too much. Then woke up at 6am to find out she'd been taken to the vet after having diarrhoea. I cuddled misty, and hoped that she wasnt that sick, it was just food poisoning from the tuna they had on Friday. I said to Misty please dont let her be put down, im sure its not that, but please dont. I shed a little tear adn realised I was being silly.

Mum came home wtih my brother and said she's gone, she was very sick. Inside my head i was swearing, like from shock naturally, and then had to sit down. I texted my friends coz i was meant to meet up with some of them that day. I then bawled my eyes out, thinking the poor thing had to go through a lot, and why wasnt i there, and i didnt get to say goodbye to her and that i had yelled at her the night before. Luke said that if mum had rung me to get us there to the vet, she couldve died, and she wasnt looking very happy or full of life, and that it wouldve been prolonging  her pain. Mum was worried in fact that she wasnt going to make it to the vet's even. the vet said they couldve done heaps of tests, and kept her alive but it was likely that she was going to go that afternoon so mum and luke decided that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep. That wouldve been the hardest thing to do id imagine, coz Georgia never complained.......


Today was hard to realise she's not here. It just feels like she's staying somewhere else, and i guess reality will kick in when we get her ashes and a bit of her fur and a paw print from the Pets at Peace people.

I got my sister out of the house to go and print photos, but the photo booth was closed. She told me that when she went to say hello when she got home at 5am, she was frothing at the mouth, and looking pretty lifeless and wasnt wagging her tail at all....and the poor thing had lost control of her bowels. she said its prob a good thing that i didnt see her like that. Mum was saying that at the end she just had her tongue hanging out awfully, and that was horrible to see her like that. I did up a dvd of photos, and most of the newer ones are of her sleeping with her tongue poking out and mum couldnt stand it, since it was pretty much like how she was in the last few minutes. I feel awful.

I had wanted to go and see Georgia before she was cremated but mum and luke said it wouldnt be a good idea, considering ive had 6months of stress leave and as a result got anxiety and depression, and that it wouldve been really horrible to see Georgia just lying there all cold. I just wanted to stroke her lovely fur one more time and to give her a hug and a rub behind the ears one last time, and then i knew it was for real. Then the other part of me was like i dont think i could handle seeing her like that. A friend was telling me that her mother was determined to see her dog when it had passed and regretted it the moment she saw the dog lying that told me to just leave it and remember the good memories.


Today is hard....i feel numb and slow and things like that. Going through my photos, i only found 150 of her from our near 9yrs together. That saddens me greatly that i didnt take more photos of her. Little things remind me of her. I am of work, and i dont know how i am going to take the weekdays when im here alone with them, coz i usually just patted her everynow and then...and now i wont be able to. I instinctly keep reaching out to pat her when i pat Misty but then pull back when it hits me.

Misty has always been slow to eat, and georgia normally makes her go faster coz she'd want her's as well, and she is eating slowly tonight. Not sure if its the storm thats here or just her laziness......

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    • sebastiansmum
      sebastiansmum     Posted on Mar 25, 2011

      Thank you for your post. I smile at your photo comment, I have a glamour portrait of my 13 year old cat who died two days ago and I am waiting for his ashes and picture. When he died I came home and pulled my house apart looking for the portait and now it sits pride of place in my house. I am getting my husband to put his walking lead (yes he is a cat not a dog) next to the portait and I can relate to your grief as his death was not expected at all and I had to terminate his life. Thank you Allyson

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