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I have decided, after a lot of heartbreak and sadness that i need another pug. He will not replace Dudley and she will not replace Peggy, when the little girl arrives. I feel alone. I need someone to garden with, drive with, talk to and care for.

Tonight i told my husband that i loved the older years. A slowness and a needing that younger dogs dont have or require as much. I miss that. I miss helping them both onto the couch, carrying them to bed, hot water bottles, warm dinners and slow drives to Cobram, where they could sun themselves and relax on holidays.

Duncan (Alexander after dudley alexander) will be here on the 29th of October. He will be loved the same and in 13yrs+ i will go thru the same heartbreak i have just suffered. I am not over my 2 best friends, i never will be and part of me went with them. I search for answers for Dudley but know that he and Peggy would not want me to be sad. I will be sad many times from now but now i have a little boy to be with me, someone i can care for. Yes its soon, its very soon but i feel so lonely in a big house and an acre without my kids following me everywhere, i hope i have room in my heart to take in another.  I have taken in Frank, an abused, stressed an anxious pug who is nearly 8, he needs friends also he has not been the same through this loss.

Once Peggy passed he was a different dog and would fret for Dudley at night. How can i leave him alone without little mates to play with.

Hard, very hard, I dont sleep but i know, they will never be gone.



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    • dudleypeggy
      dudleypeggy     Posted on Oct 14, 2010

      No Katrina, i never will.  I have a great, vet in Hoppers Crossing Vet Clinic, vic who have supported me and done what they can also, they are now family. But your website has made a difference to me. I feel calmer and at ease. I read all the heartbreak and know im no longer alone. I am sorry to hear about Toby as he was and still is a huge part of TV and the bond was seen, at least by me. You take care and hopefully time  heals all wounds, if only a little xx sim xx

    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Oct 14, 2010

      You will never replace your two precious Pugs, but will start on another special journey full of love and laughs- congratulations x

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