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I've had such comfort in my heart ever since I joined which was only on Saturday knowing there's other people out there like me, i'd like to thank you who've commented on Siouxsie and that have found comfort in the poem that i posted it seems like the poet had taken it from my heart as you tend to feel like your the only one going through this unbearable loss of losing a beloved fur child, Saturday was the first time i didn't completely break down whilst typing it in to share with you guys i find such comfort just login in and i know one day when it is our time our fur kids will be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge and we will be re-united and together we will be eternal and that's what keeps me going and you guys too.



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    Author dianne Member since Oct 23, 2010

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    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Nov 05, 2010

      Hi Kibbie- everyone on this website really understands the depth of our relationships and the love we share with our pets- words cant really descibe it.  I cry buckets every time I log on to this site - especially when reading tributes or adding poems but it also gives me comfort to share stories with other people. xx

    • kibbie
      kibbie     Posted on Nov 05, 2010

      oh gosh , just have signed up and browsed the website and is nice to know we are not alone in our grief of our pets and the special relationship and bond we have with them

    • katrina
      katrina     Posted on Oct 26, 2010

      Hi Dianne- you are definitely not alone in the journey. Our pets are a big part of our lives and family so it is understandable that we are so upset when they are no longer physically by our side.   Your little Siouxsie was just gorgeous and will shine bright in your heart and memories forever xx 

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