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My name is Vicki and I have just lost my beautiful dog, Daisy - a Blue Cattle Jack Russel cross from congestive heart failure. She was just over 13 years old and the best friend I've ever had. I had her from a pup and always knew that the most difficult and challenging part of loving Daisy was knowing that one day I would have to say good-bye to her.

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Daisys Mum's Wall

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  • aquarius
    aquarius   Posted on Oct 15, 2013

    What a beautiful tribute. Daisy sounds like so much fun xx

  • Szee989
    Szee989   Posted on May 31, 2011

    How foolish of me to come here my heart is so afresh with ache and pain bubbles hotly just beneath the surface.  But when I read and thereby got to meet your wonderful Daisy, I was glad that I had ventured in. I felt your immense love for her in your words...and her loss so large inside you, it echoed off your heart.  What a dear face...and your tales of her games and her playfulness made her seem very real and personal to even me.  I wanted to play hide and seek too!  What an adorable gift her life was to you...and your life was to her.  I know grief can be so consuming, but what a blessed union the two of you had, what experience you shared and stories you wrote upon the pages of your life, hers, and all who were honored enough to share the adventure.  My boy, Gibson, was just over 2 yrs when he was hit by a car after escaping his daycare yard.  Those 2 years sound like so little next to 13...but if you love, if you have that bond, those numbers mean very little.  Gibson is gone 3 months now...I feel like the emotional surgery that took one of my most vital of baby Gibson...will never heal...relief will not be I am sure you feel about Daisy.  I ultimately share your sentiment that though we have no way to know, I must allow myself to hope, to believe beyond any viable evidence...that I will see him again one day...and so too shall you embrace your Daisy.  My heart shares your grief, dear one.  I hope you find a place of peace.

  • Roley
    Roley   Posted on Mar 30, 2011

    Hi Vicki, thank you so much for your beautiful post on Roley's wall.  He was absolutely the light of our lives and it's a hard, lonely road that we're treading without him.  Your Daisy sounds so incredibly divine, such a lovely, long and happy life spent with her doting mum! Take care, Alison x

  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Mar 27, 2011

    Thank you, Kate .... yes, my Daisy was such a minx - miss her terribly.  We did share such a lovely relationship together - she was a wonderful friend and companion to me over so many years.  You hope the pain eases with time, don't you?  Wishing you all the very best too - hope time is starting to do what it alway does best.  Vicki x

  • Victoria
    Victoria   Posted on Mar 25, 2011

    Hi Vicki, Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my Vicky. I have just read your tribute to Daisy and she sounds like such a special girl. I know what you're going through and it's incredibly tough. Daisy was just beautiful- she has the most gorgeous face and your tribute shows what a strong, wonderful bond you two shared. All the best, Kate x

  • GlendaD
    GlendaD   Posted on Mar 06, 2011

    Daisy was beautiful.  That is a name I was contemplating for a new puppy one day soon.  Maybe... 

    Thank you for your lovely message to me about Jake.

    The love they give to us, and the joy they bring is worth the pain of the loss...but only just.

  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Feb 20, 2011

    Thanks, Wendy ..... I hope you don't mind me pinching such a great name - I changed the spelling though!  He is such a beautiful boy - so gentle and easy-going.  I have been staggered at his intelligence - he is such a wise old soul for such a young pup.  He exudes this calm energy and the effect has been such a healing one for my family and I.  He even has the same effect on some of the hyper dogs down at the park - I'm thinking that may be a golden retriever has got in on the parenting act somewhere along the line.  He is such a love muffin.

    I'm sure my Daisy Girl would approve - she always had an eye for and a run with the athletic good sorts down at the dog park and he ticks all her boxes. 

    Hope your holding up OK over there - I am just about to light the candles for Daisy's 8th week anniversary and for your Toby too, so thinking of you all and sending lots of love and light.  Vicki xx

  • beautheborder
    beautheborder   Posted on Feb 20, 2011

    Hi Vicki, im so glad you have adopted Bo. We all know how lost and lonely it is when our babies go. He will bring you so much joy and love and im sure Daisy will be happy that you can smile again. talk soon my friend - Wendy xx

  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Feb 20, 2011

    Hello Everyone - thought I would post a couple of pics of Bo - the beautiful border x kelpe pup (7 months) that we have adopted.  He was a rescue dog that had come from a very loving family that were forced to surrender him due to hardship.  They surely gave him a wonderful foundation because he has such a gentle, easy-going nature.  It's hard to believe that he is only 7 months old - he has this very wise head on such young shoulders.  He has such a calm energy about him - he would make a really lovely therapy dog and I'm going to look into that as it's something that I would really enjoy doing too.

    It is Daisy's 8 week annivesary tomorrow and God, I miss her.  I hope she is looking down on us and sending us her blessing (I'm counting on her having found her more spiritual side up there at the bridge!).  I know Bo would have been just her "type", the flirty alpha-girl she was, and would have loved teaching him the ropes as she did with my Dad's pup years ago.  I know Bo would have loved her too - she was such a fun dog and so gutsy - miss you, Girl - xx

  • DaisysMum
    DaisysMum   Posted on Feb 19, 2011

    Yes, Stuart .... I could see some Daisy in Clyde or some Clyde in Daisy too - I kind of thought that she would have been a good Bonnie to his Clyde - she was the a-typical Alpha girl, bless her heart - she'd have given your boy a run for his kibble!  Take care, x

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